How an idea was born:

Q: How did the idea of a Visual Biography come about?

A: I’ve been doodling, drawing and painting since I was nine years old. Every picture I created was a story inspired by my dreams, fantasies, feelings, moods, and as time went on about my experiences and ideals. The more I enjoyed and studied art the more I realized the power of story telling and the impact of art in bringing about societal change. I also felt connected to the greats such as Van Gogh, Yayoi Kisama, Picasso, and Frida Kahlo through the powerful stories their paintings told about love, loss, stigma and strength. Art reflects a personal journey, so I decided that much like a ghost writer I would also help others tell their personal stories. …and that’s how the Visual Biography was born.

Q: What are some of the benefits to creating a Visual Biography?

A: This unique artistic experience will inspire you to view life through the big picture lens, allowing you to be excited about the future and its many possibilities. Daily viewing art that is meaningful to you, will not only help alleviate stress and stimulate positivity, but your personalized Visual Biography will be a constant reminder to never stop dreaming. Keep commemorating where you have been and where the adventures of your unique journey will take you next. The sky is the limit!

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