Sara Radicchi Åslund

“Working with Ari to create our painting was a very special journey where we completely felt like we were part of the experience. Ari asked all the right questions to create an idea which felt so much like us. One thing we loved the most is that while she was able to capture the highlights of our story, she definitely kept her artistic touch and individuality, which made the whole painting unique and very personal. We are very, very happy with our piece and would absolutely recommend Ari to anyone who is looking for a personalized unique masterpiece.”

Rick and Sergio Campagnola

“A year ago today, a piece of Ari’s work entered our home. Within that time it has been a topic of conversation for anyone we have had over. We just love how each person interprets it differently and how it brings up different emotions for every set of eyes that look at it. The layers and depth cover all emotions, from sadness to complete joy. Every time we look at it, we can’t help but feel that Ari has shared some sort of journey with us that can only be described as private, intimate, and beautiful and we are so thankful to have it.”