“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” ~Pablo Picasso

Panel 1


My passion is to CREATE meaningful art by DESIGNING unique and personalized visual biographies. My dream is to INSPIRE others to not accept mediocrity but to fashion life with intention by celebrating every season on this journey. I firmly believe that all people have within them an epic story. My mission is to tell your story with colors instead of words; with my paintbrush instead of a pen.

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“Working with Ari to create our painting was a very special journey where we completely felt like we were part of the experience. Ari asked all the right questions to create an idea which felt so much like us. One thing we loved the most is that while she was able to capture the highlights of our story, she definitely kept her artistic touch and individuality, which made the whole painting unique and very personal. We are very, very happy with our piece and would absolutely recommend Ari to anyone who is looking for a personalized unique masterpiece.” ~Sara Radicchi Åslund

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Ripple Effect

Impacting lives and making a difference is my greatest passion. Children are our only hope to ensure a future filled with equality, peace, and kindness, yet only we in the present can make their bright futures a reality. I’m actively involved in non-profit initiatives that inspire creativity and self-love in young, developing minds through artistic expression.

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Hailing from Seattle and Barcelona, my activist adventure-junkie parents picked Argentina as my ‘Madre Patria’ and raised me in the eclectic South American cities of Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Santiago, and São Paulo. I had the honor of co-founding the non-profit Overseas Missions in Santiago, Chile where I coordinated volunteer programs in children’s cancer and severe burn-trauma hospital wards, facilitated communities for the visually impaired, and designed interactive educational platforms for young victims of abuse.

The urge to be a drop responsible for a ripple effect later took me on an adventure to San Diego, where I worked as a project manager for the non-profit Family Care Foundation collaborating on tsunami relief and rebuilding initiatives. Four years later, the ever-expanding ripples lured me to Puerto Rico, where I volunteered for a year and came to love the magical sound of the coquí.

Currently, I call Chicago home, working as a multicultural copywriter and visual artist. Result-driven, I strive to provide a holistic, novel approach to strategic and authentic storytelling.