How do I design a logo?

Logo design process is a combination of investigation, strategic thinking and design excellence.”
~ Arek Dvornechuck Brand Strategist

Steps for logo design process

  1. Design Brief
    Get to know the client’s business.
  2. Research
    Conduct research focused on the industry, its history, and competitors.
  3. Brainstorming
    Conceptualize ideas and make decisions on the possible design directions.
  4. Sketching
    Develop the logo design concepts around the brief and research.
  5. Design Execution
    Select promising logo design concepts and execute them digitally.
  6. Presentation
    Present logo designs concepts in context of applications relevant to the client.
  7. Revisions / Approval
    Make changes if necessary. Together with the client arrive on the best solution.
  8. Delivery
    Deliver the final logo artwork and identity guidelines.

by Arek Dvornechuck

I have included a step by step outline by Brand Strategist Arek Dvornechuck on how to go about checking off the main steps in designing a logo for your client. However, I will also include some tips I have learned about understanding the individual unique needs of your clientele. Firstly, your client will not only be looking for superb creative and design skills but that you as an illustrator will also understand their company’s mission, values, goals and demographic.

Some clients know exactly what they want and will tell you in detail their creative vision, others (which seem to be the majority) will be looking for guidance from you as the branding expert. This is where the research comes in handy. Before meeting your client or having a conversation about the process, have them send you an e-mail with information about their company. Most importantly their mission statement, how they wish to be set apart from the competition, their five to ten year vision, and who they are targeting with their product. It’s most helpful when the client is able to describe in minute detail their target demographic. For example: Katherine age 52, recently divorced, looking for exclusive adventures surrounded by educated career women. She drinks Merlot under the stars, takes her Cocker Spaniel’s for regular spa treatments, and rides with her Harley “Leather Chicks” bike squad on the weekends.

Branding is the identity of a company. Getting as many details as possible about their target demographic, will help you as the brand designer to better understand your client and their unique needs. Katherine, the client, will be looking for a design and company that appeals to her lifestyle goals. Most purchases are made due to emotional triggers, how a brand makes a person feel in the moment of purchase. Does the purchase of your product improve their life in some way, their image, their goals, or add to their lifestyle values? Someone interested in the earth’s preservation will be drawn to an earthy organic color palette and design. Know your client’s needs, their future goals and ambitions first. Their identity should be timeless. As a brand designer you will be gifting your client the ability to read their future and design a logo that perfectly suits their long term ambitions.

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